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2013-05-24 22:50:19 (UTC)

5/23/13 thurs

the sleeping pill works, puts me to sleep but i still can't get up early in the morning. wish i could get up around 10 so that i can leave the house by noon and do things.

woke up by landlord, they r here to install the closet door. also a man looked at the water heater, gonna do it next week.

he took tron to office before he went to work. i was supposed to get him after they left. but stayed in longer than i wanted. union city target, scanned a lot of things. office to pick up tron.

home. gave neighbor the quote on Prius. she thinks it's too high but not my problem. let her deal with Eric.

watch tv and browse online. he came back, had sex. he went to fremont house.