fuzzy life
2013-05-24 00:30:59 (UTC)


day before yesterday, sangrila di came whom I havent seen since she left the school in 2011. It would've been nice to meet her finally if she didnt call me fat.
yea, I know I've been eating a lot these days and I'm getting fatter and fatter day by day. I know it ok so just stfu. NOT everybody has to say it.
I felt bad and decided to take a fast yesterday. This fast was actually a dieting fast but I also made it a religious one. I asked god for a precious thing i will tell you later swt diary. Tbh, I ate the dinner. My mom is a saitan i tell you. She kept forcing me to eat when in other days she just taunt me so i can stop eating.
btw bikeng,my lil cousin left to rayang this early morning after spending his 2months vacation here. God, I miss him already. I wish he miss his bus so he can stay a lil longer. Thats all for today. Babye :*

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