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2013-05-23 08:57:51 (UTC)

2/22/13 Wed

took a sleeping pill but still couldn't fall asleep since he was still out. he came back at 6am. tried to sleep next to me but i won't stop bitching. he went to the living room to sleep on the couch but i followed him out and keep talking. finally came back to bed.

slept only a few hours before yung woke me up. came to pick me up around 11. office very quick. saw the toll record he went to sf at 2am. yelled at him on the phone again of course.

foster city good el pastor place. yung talked to me and i felt released a lil. why do i even get pissed at him. be with him and be happy or take it. we have no future, he is only a stepping stone for the time being. why do i care if he can really afford me or give me enough money to support our family!

william after but need to leave car there so will do it next week. post office returned Sperry, cost 11.25, so only saved 11 dollars for two pairs. well, next time only buy stuffs online i've wore before.

tanforan target trying to get the stuffs can't get over here but still couldn't find them. daly city house to get the rest of my stuffs. saw my pink monogrammed slippers were used got pissed took the necklace. feel bad leaving wobi and oreo there alone but i can't do anything. gonna wait for phil to come back and take them.

booked the groupon massage, thought it would relax my tension so drove back but still pissed at him so cancelled. planned to go bn but i couldn't calm down. why is my life always so unhappy?

home cooked 5a leftover, tired to take things out of car. asked him to come back so that i can call dad. keep nagging at him, he just kept silence. called dad, told me he made money over the last year. time goes so fast, been a year already. we should enjoy life at the moment. had makeup sex. he went out to look at houses.