I Don't Know To Be Honest
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2011-03-06 03:14:33 (UTC)


Yesterday was my birthday. Im in Alaska!!! I live in South Carolina, so its awesome coming up here. The plane ride was amazing. were staying with my aunt and uncle and two cousins Tearsa and Jonathan. I wish i could be like Tearsa. Shes so funny and daring, and shes been all over the world. She has the best fashion sense. Shes really REALLY smart and pretty. Shes really skinny and athletic, while my only sport is volleyball. Tearsa does track, cross-country, basketball, volleyball, softball, soccer, tennis, AND shes a competitive cheerleader. Shes 14. Im 11. If i want to be like Tearsa when im 14 , i have a lot of work to do. Another thing about Tearsa is shes terribly amazing at art. Right now im sitting in her art gallery just staring at all her beautiful paintings. huhhh.... out of all the things that Tearsa can do perfectly, shes not cocky about it and shes SO nice.
Today were going on a tiny airplane over the Iditirod. Yesterday we went to the ceremonial start of it. I really hope Dee Dee Jonrowe or Martin Buser wins. I met both of them. Martin Busers WORLD famous. My uncle owns a big business... oh, wait, another thing about Tearsa... SHES RICH. But she is never mean or anything. Anyways he owns a business and knows basically everyone in Alaska. He even knows SARAH PALIN. The day before yesterday, we went to Martin Buser and Dee Dee Jonrowes houses. It was awesome! I got to meet thier dogs. Dee Dee Jonrowe gave me a dog bootie that one of the dogs wore all the way through last years iditirod. Ill write more after the plane ride.

After the plane ride
It was AMAZING!! the plane was tiny. We flew to an open plain of snow. We landed and the snow was really deep. It was fun to play in. Dee Dee and Martin passed us while we were there. Tearsa and Aunt Lori didnt go. It was really fun, but Tearsa would have made it like 100% better. So yeah... Ill write more after dinner (YUM!!) or maybe not.

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