I Don't Know To Be Honest
2011-01-02 18:09:30 (UTC)

Bad Dream

Its morning right now. I just woke up from the most terrible dream Ive ever had. Heres the story behind why it was so bad. My mom is the nicest person I know. I love her a lot. My mom is my favorite person. I love her so much. I cant stay away from home overnight. That story brings it right over to my dream: My mom got very sick (like cancer sick) and we had to take her to the hospital in the middle of the night. They were taking pictures of our family because it was the last time we would ever see each other. (my family being me, my dad, my mom, my sister, Hannalei, and Rowan.
I think I'll write more after church or sometime around dinner when we go to this hibachi restaurant (my mom had to make reservations two days ago. So that means she made reservations LAST YEAR!!!)

11:51 AM
Its after church now. The service was good. The pastor challenged us to take one whole hour away from the thing we do the most in the day and focus on God. Thatll be easy. The main thing I do is play on webkinz. I have 53. Actually, I have 49, but hannalei has webkinz jr. so I have to take care of them. I don't mind though. The pastor said that taking a walk around around your house and enjoying the trees and other things God made is a good way to escape from the earthly surroundings and temptations and focus on what matters. I think Rowans gonna be here any minute so I better wrap this up. If I dint already say this, Rows 1 and Hannas 4. If I don't stop writing, he'll tear this thing to shreds.

2:01 PM
I cant wait to go to the hibachi restaurant. Im SO bored. Well, tommorrows school, so maybe thatll take away from my boredom. I was texting Ellie for about 30 minuets but then had to eat lunch. Btw, I had oatmeal with brown sugar and cinnamon. Rowan came over at about 12 and hannalei just came over. Its so cute how Hanna mispronounces dang it and says dong it. LOL! Im just waiting.... waiting....waiting...

3:36 PM
AHHH! I don't think ill live through this day. IM SO BORED!!!! ive tried playing volleyball, watching tv, playing webkinz, and even reading, but NOTHING works!!!! I think ill try making a purse brb!!!

yayyy!! were on our way to the hibachi!!!I LOVE their soup!! IM SO HUNGRY!!! this is what ive been waiting for ALL DAY!!!! Its a litte far away, so I have time to write. too bad I don't have anything to write!!well, I do have one thing. im REALLY nervous about camping with girl scouts. ive been camping with them before, but this time my mom cant come because my dads having surgery. im so nervous because my two friends moms are going, so ill be the only one without a mom!also theres this girl who just joined our troop. her name is eva. shes just so jumpy. I think its getting too dark for me to write now.

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