I Don't Know To Be Honest
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2011-01-01 17:32:29 (UTC)

New Years and Stuff

Today was new years as you can see. This year I'll be eleven! So much will happen this year! I'll get into middle school, I'll have a locker, I'll switch classes, I'll get new friends, and I'll go to a PUBLIC school! I've always been in a Christian school. I like to go to Christian school, but its just so small! Theres only 200 kids total. K4- 12th grade. Only 7 kids in my grade, which is fifth, of course. I'll name them right now. Justin, Lily, Jona, Savannah, Ellie, ME, and Lena. My school building is so small they had to mix the grades in the classrooms. Sadly, we have to be with the obnoxious 6th graders. I could write a BOOK on how much i hate Lexi Clarke. Also her best friend Makayla. At first I thought we could be friends. Then she got a solo in the Christmas play and that was the end. Next, she got a "boyfriend" named Blake. I cant wait to get back to school to see Ellie, Lena, Lily, and Sav but definitely NOT Lexi Clarke. Shes such a hackin drama queen! She threw a FIT when Ryan didnt sit with her a lunch on her birthday. I cant believe she made such a big deal out of that! Im getting tired so i think i should stop writing now.