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2013-05-22 09:33:12 (UTC)

mahableshwar trip....

yes last week i had been to Mahableshwar with my sis, jiju and his 3 sisters and his jiju. i wanted to go for trip as i am jobless right now. place is so cool i mean in Mumbai its so damn hot and loo will kill person n i was so relieved there so cool place nature, lake, animals n strawberries, mulberries, ice creams wow i liked the place but there was nothing to do i mean just site seeing which bores me but i liked the change. we booked hotel for 3 days hotel was clean, i had lots of chicken forgot about diet as i was there to enjoy. non-veg thali was yum, den biryani and tandoori was heavenly awesome.
as the place is known for the strawberries farm all delicacies wer of strawberries like cake, ice cream, strawberry cream was yum too much calories jellies etc. back home now again same life cribbing for job, money, work uff i hope everything goes well....