fuzzy life
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2013-05-22 05:45:25 (UTC)


Few days back, I used to think that admins of Troll pages are awesome.
I once had an amazing convo with the admin of 'lolism'. I commented something ridiculous on his post and then it started. He replied me then i replied him and it went on.
I dont know how we end up making plans about getting married(not seriously ofcourse) then he sent me a request.
I was really excited.
but when I saw his dp...the first thought on my mind was "he should be working in this age instead of admining a page -_-."
I dont know what happened to me that time. I feel like cheated. I was afraid at the same time as i said yes to his marriage proposal(although it was a joke). then I accidently called him "old" during our chat. Then after a short chat he unfriended me.
I end up making a friend who also replied to my comment , Nishikant. we are besties now. I'm thankful to the admin to get me such a gud friend like N.
I'm really sorry admin. I know,I'm no one to judge you. Idk what happened to me that time. I regret it. :(

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