deanne and Connor

our dialog
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2013-05-21 17:49:34 (UTC)

Tuesday thoughts....

first and foremost a reflection on a phenominal Sunday. We both seemed to have the animal instinct and we connected on such an intimate level. i know what it meant for me and i hope it was as intense for You.

i realize its going on 7pm tonight but i hope You read this and we can meet up in an hour or so. I had what would otherwise be viewed as a chance encounter today and the connection to You was intense.

i am going to have dinner and will look for You around 8. i hope You see this and can make it.



busy busy busy (did I say busy?) week this past one! I got all moved and now its just putting stuff away! I feel awful that we were hit and miss (and I didn't even get to hit you in the sweet spots)all week during the mornings. If absence makes the heart grow fonder then Master is downright HEAD OVER HEELS at this moment....:)

Love My slut,


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