I Don't Know To Be Honest
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2009-09-28 18:24:09 (UTC)

Someone read this!

Sorry i havent written in a long time. Im so bored. Lena claims to be sick and that shes really her friend. i dont believe her. Lena and Carly are still fighting. Carly told me Lena lives in a dump. i know that she does NOT live in a dump. She told me that i look stupid in my glasses. i told her, "haha well... you look stupid with that thing thing on your head.... OH! THATS YOUR FACE?!?!" haha! she got BURNED!FIGHT THE POWER!
My sisters having her kid on the 13th of october. I CANT WAIT!!
Guess what? some nosy hack read this stupid thing! I dont know why but when i took my eyes off my backpack the guy came up and read it UGH!!!1

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