I Don't Know To Be Honest
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2007-10-07 12:00:00 (UTC)

Picture Day

Dear Diary,
today is picture day!! OOOH! ive got butterflies!! i hope i dont freak out and do something silly. Theres a yearbook! if i goof off, at the end of the year, everyone will see my silly picture. and i cant take my picture out of the yearbook. im scared! well, wish me luck! bye!

Asome! the picture lady called in sick! no pictures! they cancelled picture day!!! im so gratful! i dont have to be so scared! we have a substitute. its kinda nice having a difrent teacher. she is so sweet! her is ms. taylor.savannah is my best friend. she is always getting into trouble. weve known eachother since we were 6 years old! now were 8! i call her sav or savvy. i think its- BYE!!!!

Sorry! it was my reading group!! i was late. just a bit, late. savvy and i take the same reading class. we were reading Punochio. me and sav were the only ones who could pronounce, gepetto. funny huh? we had to help our fellow readers, brendan and lily. brendan is the oldest. me and sav are in the middle. lily is the youngest. the cubs are having reading now. i am in the red jaguars. the cubs are having reading now. bye!

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