I Don't Know To Be Honest
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2007-09-20 01:26:58 (UTC)

Re Introducing myself

NOTE: though the years that ive written for some reason ive felt the need to re introduce myself several times for no reason

Dear Diary,
HI! Im your new writer, tori. im sorry its 7:22, its just a last miniute thing. phew! what a day! I havent been home until well now. Oh i almost forgot to tell you about Hannalei. Two years old! so cute! curly hair!! MY NIECE!!! You know what when i see that kid smile, it lets me know that shes happy. tonight she was all sad. my sister gave me fifty cents. so i went to the crane machine and won her a squishy thing!! Once hannalei laid eyes on that. once i said for you, hannalei, she immediately stoped crying. everyone was prowd at me. bye!

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