fuzzy life
2013-05-19 08:54:00 (UTC)

New bee

It's my first entry in this page.
I wanna confess that I'm not that good in English.
I'm 14 and I dream a lot, that too daydreaming.
In a song called 22 by taylor swift it goes like-
"end up dreaming, Instead of sleeping." that always happens to me.

I'm having my summer vacation and one of my tasks for vocational assign.s is to write a diary. I spend too much in Internet so I thought to write an online diary and in the end of the day copy it on my notebook.

If my real personal diary(which i used to write years back) leaked out, man, that would be a blast. Though i was very young but my lang. was something that niggas too will freak out.

thasts all for today. Bye diary XOXO

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