J-lette life
2013-05-16 18:14:15 (UTC)

School drama

Every one is all about school drama. Sometimes it's good but a lot of times it's bad. No one can go against it and if they try to say its one thing instead of the other they let it live on or there are those who start it but keep it going just for the attention. There is a very important saying that everyone should know. It's, "If someone is talking about your life then their life must suck." I believe it's true because why would someone take so much time out of their life to talk about yours and try to make it a living hell. I'm a girl with friends who have battle depression. I battle it myself and the kids that make fun of these people are the people who wanna stop hearing about people who killed the themselves. Well here's my thing. If you wanna stop hearing about it. Then stop giving them excuses to do it. I have tried many times to end my life but was luckily never succeeded my third cousin on the other hand wasn't so lucky. He was bullied. And recently killed himself because of stupid people who thought it made them cool.. I will not be the only one who post on it. My "diary". Is called J-lette life. That means my family... My J-lette family will be posting.
Love, peace and stay down with the clown-