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2013-05-16 07:01:20 (UTC)

Starting from zero

I feel better today. Looking forward. Life is full of highs and lows I am working to have more highs than lows and make my highs last longer and control my lows to small durations.
I am still looking for a place to go. I have to leave home as I am not more than a small ant in my house. The earlier I leave the better. I know it would be difficult as I will not see the children everyday but sometimes you have to take the rough route to get to where you are going.
I seem to have lost confidence at work as well. I get very nervous and paranoid.
I am going to start from zero. No house, no wife, no day to day fatherhood, no money…..nothing. Can’t avoid thinking I failed. One thing I do still have is my determination to succeed. I will work my but off to succeed. I am determined, focused and nothing will stop me.