Little Drummer Girl

Life as I see it
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2013-05-14 20:42:27 (UTC)


Sometimes I think it is a mistake to put a "Band-Aid" on your pain too quickly. It's like any cut... it needs some air to heal. Sometimes I feel like I'm living my life bandage to bandage. Never getting any air; never having time to heal... just a thought.

It's Tuesday. Adam is out playing softball. The baby is sleeping. The dogs are barking lol. Typical Tuesday at the Myers'.

I'm starting to get really excited about getting pregnant again. I did my 1st trimester pregnancy workout just for fun this morning. 12 days until I get my period. Then we start trying. I can't wait... walking around with that little smile on my face... hiding my secret. :) I did love some things about pregnancy. I loved having my baby with me at all times, feeling him/her kick, patting my little bump throughout the day...