Little Drummer Girl

Life as I see it
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2013-04-03 16:06:41 (UTC)

Idle Thoughts

I have 2 hours of work left and I am all caught up. I’m sure there is something more I could be doing, but I am not feeling very motivated right now. I’m quite tired actually, but pleasantly so. This is the first time in a long while I can remember feeling totally relaxed. Content with life, content with myself, content with my job. I am not stressed about anything right now and that is a wonderful thing. I almost don’t even know how to handle it.

It’s April 3rd, and still cold as winter. I’m looking forward to all of the fun summertime activities I enjoy doing though. I can’t wait to go roller blading with Caden down that paved path in Hamburg. I also hope we get to spend plenty of time at Independence Lake this summer, swimming, fishing, biking etc. But one thing I’m really looking forward to, are just the simple walks around our neighborhood after work. It’s the perfect way to wind down, get outside and spend time with Caden. There is also that park on Posey. Caden will finally be old enough to enjoy it! I’ll still have to hold on to him and it won’t be quite as fun as next summer when he’ll have a little more freedom, but it will still be nice. Especially the swings.