Little Drummer Girl

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2013-02-19 12:04:37 (UTC)

Day 16

Current Weight: 123.4

I was so relieved to see that number on the scale this morning. A lot has happened since I’ve written last. I had two HORRIBLE eating days. But what I was most proud of was the way I was able to recover from it. You’re going to fall off the wagon, every now and then. That’s just part of life. But what really counts is how quickly you are able to bounce back. Aside from that Caden and I both got sick and had to go to urgent care. Caden has pink eye in both eyes as well as a runny nose. I had a fever of 101 and was extremely weak. One day I went to bed at 4 pm and didn’t wake up again till 8 am. I felt much better after receiving that bag of fluids though.

I had coffee with Lane this morning. Made me feel better like he doesn’t hate me at least. :)

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