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2013-05-13 22:58:03 (UTC)

Exhausted after a heavy day

I went to my university today to explain to my course adviser why I can no longer seat for the end of year exams. I was requesting that I could resit it as a first sit at the nearest opportunity. He told me that this would be next year. When I got to his office I described what happened to me during the exams and the night after the exams. I couldn't believe it as I was in floods of tears! After that embarrassing behaviour he told me I would be allowed to retake the exams in May next year! He also said I could defer the exams due in May next year until the following year. He told me to have a think about it. He also said I could return my forms without any evidence as the form for extenuating circumstances requires some formal evidence. I guess my tears were evidence enough! He gave me information on free counselling advice provided by the school. I then decided to and check it out and probably book an appointment I thought I would not attend any way as I would have snapped out of how I was feeling. I got there and I was told I could see a counsellor in 30 mins!! I decided ok, this time 'No more tears'...(Do you know that song? Anita Baker)....Anyway I saw the counsellor and tried as best to summarise everything into a 10 mins speech, she asked me a few questions and she said a few things and then wham! The flood gates opened again! Thought I was going to flood the uni! Anyway the long and short is that she says I should reach out for support from my close friends, have access to see/talk to a professional - for my emotional well-being and that I should arm myself with proper legal advice during the mediation process. I have booked another appointment for next week Friday…