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2013-05-13 19:29:10 (UTC)

Once again just another day.

Ok, I'm trying to be patient but between Sean not moving in and his work schedule. But I just feel like I never see him when I do were struggling to hold this marriage together. I'm fed up I love lane and everything but why should I build a relationship with someone I'm not going to even be allowed to be around. Because Sean's bitch mom now has banned me for good. Because she doesn't trust me? What have I ever done to her? I'm good to lane.. well at least I thought so. With out medicine everything just seems worse. I'm tired of him working at Rachael's. I'm tired of all the trash and the whores and Karen. I'm tired of his little Rachael's girl friends fucking being nasty tricks. Getting an attitude with me. Bitch that's my husband u don't like it oh well fuck off. I'm so frustrated I,m trying to be better I really am. But with everyone harping on me and everything with my family being the way it is its really hard. I'm trying to communicate my feeling to him but it doesn't seem to phase him anymore we have grown apart and we just got married. I don't know what to do I'm so lost. I just want everything to be ok I've tried so hard to be positive but its not working anymore....