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2013-05-08 01:20:55 (UTC)

Wish me luck

I got called today, just two days before my exams by a marriage mediator who my wife contacted to help sort out the agreement we need to move forward before she moves out. I already told her I was not available to do anything until after my exams and I promised to write her a report detailing all the important financial transactions and more importantly I hope it will vindicate that I don’t owe her any money. Impatiently she has now contacted someone to call me before my exams which I think is very unfair. I will be lying if I say it is not affecting me which was what I wanted to avoid in the first place but life has a way of throwing stuff at you.

I have learnt 2 very important things when dealing with adversity. This is when you are down, weak and devoid of all motivation, sad, you have a bitter taste in your mouth, your stomach is empty and hurts, you feel heavy and bugged down. At this time your body is full of energy but the wrong type of energy. You are full of negative energy but it is still energy and energy is what you need to move mountains. At this time you need to find that ‘thing‘, yes that ‘thing’ that will make a difference to your life, the ‘thing’ you have always wanted to do but too lazy to do or just procrastinate about, the ‘thing’ you can give so many reasons why you can’t do it, but it is the ‘thing’ that will make a big positive difference in your life. Identify this ‘thing’. You have so much energy in you and channel this energy into accomplishing this ‘thing’. It doesn’t take a lot to turn anger, bitterness, disappointment and hurt into motivation or into ‘I will show himher’. The energy of regret can be tuned into energy for recourse. You can change and turn your life around. You want to look back at this period and count your blessings because this period enriched you. I am currently studying mathematics which I have always wanted to do but never did. I used all these negative energy to give me the motivation and determination to embark on this course and my experience so far is life changing not just academically. I have grown, mathematics has thought me that not everything that is obvious is true and I continue to grow every day. I will look back one day and count my blessings.

The 2nd thing is to micro manage your life. Every day have a ‘Start Time’ and ‘End Time’. Your ‘Start Time’ is the first time period of your day before you do anything else. Think about your ‘big picture’ objectives and identify the little steps/tasks you need to do today to move another step closer to attaining these objectives. These tasks must be realistic and atomic enough to be accomplished in a day. It’s okay for some days to be ‘do nothing’ as doing something on these days for whatever reason may not necessarily move you forward. Your ‘End Time’ is the last time period of your day, ‘Appraisal Time’. Think about all the small, manageable and realistic targets you set yourself for the day. Why did you not accomplish some, why did you accomplish some, why are some incomplete, why didn’t you attempt some etc. Use all these information to refine your next ‘Start Time’ and before you know it you will be an accomplished Project Manager. More importantly identify the activities you did ‘today’ that were counterproductive i.e. that moved you farther away from your targets. Do these activities regularly occur in your ‘Counterproductive activities’ during ‘Appraisal Time’? This is how you easily identify your bad habits, addictions, failings and shortcomings. Our objective is to make these activities ‘one offs’ and have the determination to quench them. ‘Appraisal Period’ is a fascinating time. It will make you learn more about yourself. In some cases you will see clearly when you have multiple conflicting personalities i.e. a ‘ good cop’ and a ‘bad cop’ all wrapped up and intertwined as one person.

Diary, wish me luck in my exams!