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2013-05-06 19:05:42 (UTC)

One of my tasks for the week

Following up on Your command to tend to our communication. i know i had been delinquent recently because of being busy with work but the way You inquired i thought i had missed a post of Yours and an appropriate response. Instead i find myself creating an original post.

Saturday was a great visit. i am sorry once again about Sunday but its one of those family holiday things. And this year the two Easters were many weeks apart which is unusual. We had a lovely dinner together and shared some fun and i thank You for understanding.

i hope Your pursuit of a new car went well. Those things can be stressful enough when You're not under pressure to replace a car, i can only imagine the sense of urgency You must have felt.

my task for the week has not been tackled but is very much in mind and i will accomplish it soon. i just have to figure out the outfit and match it to my schedule (a day w/o meetings is best!) and the weather.

i hope You are well and that You can say hello in the morning.

Yours always,



First off, Master owes you an apology for being MIA. I had phone issues and when I went to get it fixed they wiped out My settings. I am trying to reinstall tonight and should be good to go for in the morning! That's the good news........the bad news is a Sunday that is definitely out (church event) and a Saturday that could be cut short. I Am trying to get someone to cover for Me at a work / pleasure picnic kinda thing, but I may have to cut out early. I will let you know as soon as I can.......

Master is thinking about you and your task......awaiting confirmation!

your Master....for Eternity!


i am glad i checked here and glad to hear You are OK. Couldn't You have just used Your laptop!? :-(

i understand about the weekend. Things happen. Let me know what to expect.

my task was carried out yesterday. it was a rather warm and a tad humid for the first time this year and there were a few showers around. i wore a dark gray mid-length skirt and blouse. i have come to the conclusion that pants and no-panties -- while a much safer choice -- are not a comfortable combination for a long day, hence the skirt decision.

Anyway, happy Thursday (Friday for You) and i look forward to hearing from You.



Always have this as out best place to keep up to date. Not sure if My msm account is reliable since I have to keep updating it....bleh.....this will Never go away though!

Am proud of your accomplishment and I LOVE the skirt with no panties. I trust that your movement and shifting througout the day always brought Me to mind....:)

Master loves you!