The Mind Of No One
2013-05-04 18:09:16 (UTC)

Stop it brain

I wish i didn't fell in love with any boy who talks to me. I must be desperate for someone to care. More than just what my friends do. Female friends of course. If i were friends with a boy, i would instantly get a crush on him, and it would be over. And awkward. God, why am i always so awkward to be around. I think its a typical problem for teenage girls, to feel awkward. But my best friends do such a great job at being "just friends" with boys. I guess its because both of them are wanted and have boyfriends.

Lately a boy at school has actually started talking to me like he-wants-to-know-what-i'm-like-ish. There are only 2 reasons to this rare phenomenon. 1. He's forced to talk to me because i'm his table-buddy. Or 2. Since he is very popular, it must be some challenge, joke or provocation.
Its been like to days and all i do is to think of him. Regret the things i say to him. Think about when he for some seconds stroked my back. Why is he manipulating me. What is happening to my head. Stop it, stop it, stop it brain. You always end up hurting someone and that is usually me.

-No One

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