The Life of Christine
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2013-05-03 19:36:39 (UTC)


Today was an awesome Friday. In homeroom, I tripped my teacher. I didn't mean to! I'm sit at the front desk in front of the teacher's desk. I crossed my legs, and my foot was sticking out. My teacher was walking to his desk, and he stepped on my foot and tripped. I heard some kids laugh. My hands jumped to my mouth, and I was like, "Oh! My bad!" I thought he was gonna be mad at me, but he wasn't. He said he was sorry and that it wasn't my fault. Manny said, "It's all Christine's fault." I turned around, and he was looking at me. While we were switching to 1st period, I apologized to my teacher in the hallway. He said it's alright, and it wasn't my fault. Everybody in the room saw me trip my teacher. In 1st period, we watched Sandlot because the art teacher wasn't there. It's a very good movie. We had to eat lunch with 3rd period instead of 4th period because the principal changed it. I normally don't like eating lunch with 3rd period, but today, I had fun eating lunch with 3rd period. Celeste talked about that one time she went into the teacher's lounge, and she heard the teachers saying mean things about her. My teacher said, "Celeste gets on my nerves." The science teacher said, "She can be good and bad at the same time," almost saying the D word. I forgot what the ELA teacher said, but it was bad. The reading teacher just shook her head, and the math teacher didn't say anything. Celeste didn't get caught or anything. I wonder what the teachers say about me. In 4th period, we went to lab 618. We had to play and answer a minimum of 150 questions. I was the first one done. I answered 181 questions, and they were all correct. I heard some of the kids complain. I heard Elijah said, "Wow!" The teacher kept congratulating me. I was playing a game with Elijah & Hannah, and they saw me answering the questions really fast. Hannah was like, "Dang!" They asked me how did I do that. In 5th period, the teacher wanted us quiet after a test because we didn't participate when she asked us to. We could pass notes, or do anything, as along as it's quiet. Me & Hannah passed notes with each other. Later, I played with a beach ball with Xavier, Jarrid, and Jalen. Then most of the kids in the class joined. Katie whispered the teacher's name, and we had to sit back down. Everybody playing was mad at her. In 6th period, I asked Zykee does he like Hannah because she wanted me to ask him. He said just tell her yes because he was tired of her asking that. While we were switching to 7th period, I told Hannah that Zykee said yes. Hannah told me to ask Zykee does he want to go out with her. Zykee came up to me and asked me what did Hannah say. I told him, and he said, "You told her?" I said yes. He sucked his teeth and kept looking at me with smiles while he walking to his seat. He said he'll have to think about going out with Hannah. I said ok. I was supposed to take Fatima down to the special needs bus today in 7th period, but she was at the nurse instead. I hope I can take her Monday. At the end of 7th period, Zykee came up to me and told me to tell Hannah yes. While Hannah was walking to her bus, I yelled her name and told her that Zykee said yes, and that said to get on Facebook. On the bus, a boy was accused of having a bag of food, but he said he didn't. The bus driver & the assistant principal will pull the camera on the bus to show if he was. That camera is gonna show me eating M&M's. The bus driver just wants us to throw the wrappers away. I shouldn't get in trouble because I threw the bag away when I got off. Cody took some pictures on my phone. I took some pictures of Cody & Marquese. Hannah called me while I was writing this entry at 9:25 PM. So sorry for the long entry. I just had a fun Friday.

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