My head
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2013-05-03 18:33:24 (UTC)

The beginning of the end

Looking through pictures of me and friends through the years. I'd never have thought my life would be like this.

First was Brandon. Sweet and cool. Slightly protective, but he was my first love. 3 months of on and off, every time I went back to him. The last break up was hard. A text: It's over. Why didn't he do it to my face!
That was the end of number one.
I know what I did next was stupid I had to get away. I was meant to be on a sports trip, running for my school. I couldn't do it all the emotions, no one believed I could really do it was the point, I had to get away. As I reached the gate, I turned on my heel and went back down the street. After that a bit quicker and quicker until it was a full sprint. I ran all over, shouting for people. Not Brandon, Sam my best male friend and my mum of course. None of them came. I finally stopped in a other park across town. I'd ran out of water long before and was feeling very sick. I had no idea what time it was or how long I'd been gone. Finally some people found me laying on the grass, hardly breathing, bleeding from my feet and hands. I shakily rang home, I couldn't stop the tears. My dad came for me, took me home. The police was there, I had to explain it wasn't Brandon's fault. I got scared and needed some time to think.
My phone, 5 messages of friends. AND BRANDON. He thought it was his fault. He'd been crying, A LOT. I got ill after that, sunstroke and dehydration. Not good.

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