The Life of Christine
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2013-05-02 17:55:59 (UTC)


Today, we had the writing test. I mean, why would there be a writing test after the last day of the CRCT? I guess it was pretty easy. At lunch, I made a terrible mistake--choosing teriyaki chicken. It was so nasty. I only took a few bites. In 3rd period, my teacher got really mad. He yelled so loud, the kids across the hall in the ELA room heard him. He got mad because nobody knew the answer to the question he was asking. I got so scared, I was shaking. He said if someone answers the question wrong again, we will have another assignment and homework. Paul saved us from those two. The teacher called on me on one of the questions, and I had it right. I worked with Aimee & Bailey in 4th period. I noticed Katie talked about me when I had a noticeable pimple on my nose. I still have it, but you can barely see it. I want to tell her I don't want to be her friend anymore. But I think that will cause drama. I'm thinking of ignoring her. At the end in the same period, I couldn't stop laughing at what Xavier was doing. He had a look on his face like he ate something nasty. Then, he moved his tongue up and down without the noise. Then, he took out a water bottle, and did the same tongue thing in the water bottle. Then, he drunk some water and did the tongue thing again. It was so funny. LOL I laughed so hard, my ears were hurting. My 6th period teacher had to go to Atlanta, so we had a substitute. In that period, I was called by the guidance counselor to go to lab 708 on the 7th grade hall. We had to go to a college website, and we answer "like", "not sure", or "dislike" to a career they give us. After we were done, the results showed careers that were based on the answers we chose. It even said your personality. Mines was "helpful" & "artistic". In 7th period, I started to get hungry, and my stomach either growled or gurgled. I also got a Tootsie Roll Pop from the teacher. I texted my dad a little on the bus. Logan wanted to hold my phone again. She played a game and took some pictures. Madison took some pictures as well. Also, my dad got paid today, and my mom went shopping while I was at school. When I got home, I was shaking because of how hungry I was. I had low blood sugar. I ate a banana to stop it. My mom ordered pizza & molten lava cakes from Domino's. She went to Ole Times Country Buffett for her own food. So sorry for the long entry.