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2013-01-05 12:31:20 (UTC)

My life Sucks.

Lovely Dairyy I never ever wrait in Diry before.. so I don't no what I have to wrait but I gonna begin with my story? and tomoro i write how my da was I think..

so I was 11 in december I think. Well there begin al the DRAMA.
thing that make my life on that moment suck:

-My ucle died.that was a fuck up hard time forr me.
-The dokter say my grandpa should die to.. I'm happy that that not happen
-My friends let me fall! I fucking need them on that moment and they do like I never ever was there friend!
-School wel I was not the best in that..
-My parents fait the hole time.
-My brother walk away of my house
-I don't spreak with my mother anymore I have HATE her so mutch
-And my dad well i don't with him too..
-I was lonly
-To mutch peapel have call me ugly and all that shit. That hurts okey? it hurt like fuck but you no I think no one ever is going to get me.

so I cut.. because of this I cut. And that is why I love one direction they save me if you believe it or not. there music make me happy they have let me feel pretty forr 3 minuts. Forr you it isnt mutch but for me..it was very mutch.I have talk to a woman wo is there for kids like me but it did not work.. in that time i have lisen to alot of music because some songs tell my story.. that is just spacial for me..

but because of the pain I had I cut it helps.
A little. A long time it was okey. I had not that mutch pain. I think that the pain i had in the time it was okey for you a lot shoul be but for me its okey. Its like I don't no a live witout PAIN. Wel I cut again because ther is a boy .. who calls me ugly stopid and more.. he Don't no that HE let me fall asleep crying. HE let me cut again. I don't say its his fault but ...

But the girlfriend of that boy .. cut too she is my new bff with to otters and I am happy with them als my bff. Azira that is the name of the girl that cut to and is my new bff. wel Azira and I are both trying to stop cutting. It is but we have als suport Marina and Deborah. They are or bff too.. I love them so fuck up mutch. THEY help me so good. but I stil have fuck up life.

My brother stil walk away from home but we talk with Facebook. I stil fait with my mother. But that is okey.. this is a little bit of my story.. later or tomoro more


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