The Life of Christine
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2013-04-30 20:27:11 (UTC)


Today was an awesome day. We had the science CRCT. (That's not the awesome part). We had fun after it ended. Me and Paul played some games with the white boards and markers. Then, we came to where Baileigh, Destiny, and Manny were. They were playing with the white boards and markers as well. In 2nd period, the health students had to go to gym. I brought a dollar with me. I bought 2 bags of chips for me and Madison. First, I played volleyball with the girls. Then, Madison ran up to me asking do I want to sit down and talk with her. We talked for a few minutes, then Madison's best friend, Kaitlyn, came over and talked with us. It was so funny in 7th period. Ronwen putted something on the tip of his tongue, and flipped his tongue back and forth. I was laughing. The teacher made Ronwen to go outside. Ronwen did the same thing he was doing with his tongue at the classroom's window. He was also doing it with wide eyes and a creepy face. I was cracking up. Then, Paul started singing Old McDonald and got in trouble. After the teacher caught him, he said "What? I'm singing Old McDonald!" I was doing a high laugh while saying, "Ha ha ha!" Baileigh said I laughed so hard, that I could choke up my lunch. When I got on the bus, Logan wanted to see my phone. When I turned on my phone, I noticed my dad texted me in 7th period. I texted him back, and gave Logan my phone. She gave it back after a few seconds because I wanted it back. Nyree had to go the front because the bus driver told her to. After Madison got off, (a different one) me and Nyree talked. Then, we took pictures with us together. Cody was hiding in the background in one of them.

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