2013-04-30 16:09:37 (UTC)

Dear Nimry

Dear Nimry,
I hate hanging out with your friends. Sorry maybe hate is a strong word but feeling severely uncomfortable is around them is a better way of saying it. No offense but your brother makes me even more uncomfortable. He"s always asking out girls in front of me, asking my opinion about what they think--as if I'm the expert. I'm not a guy! stop asking me!! I hate how that is the only thing we can talk about. I'm such a failure at knowing people. I make more of an attempt at knowing your brother because i know he"s your best friend. But sometimes I feeel like yelling at him!! It's uncomfortable and not fun to see someone strike out and make everyone else around feel awkward. STOP IT!!! go to a frikin bar and do this where they frikin expect these things. and Jamal. Your other friend!! I understand he's a med student and your pal, I understand how you always go out of your way to see him, even though he barely makes an attempt to do the same back. But he"s a future doctore! I get it!! I'm alwaysssss reminded of this. but the guy is frikin weird! He's incredibly full of himself and only acknowledges people he knows. In the past year and a bit I have seen him maybe 10 times, and he always makes conversations brief, avoids eye contact at all times and will never talk to me, but around me. I truly get that this guy has some issues maybe with women or whatever but the fact that my boyfriend says that he wants to name his son after HIM makes my blood boil. I already had heated arguments that this would never happen and to never repeat a horrid thing like that again. Rob is another one. a quiet guy that eats a lot and plays games. He's fun on occasion to play board games with but he has some sanitary issues. He scratches his his skin so hard that i see flakes come off!!! omg!! man ugh!!!! I know he has exzema but come on!!! its gross!!! if he didnt scratch so often i wouldnt mind but every minute and stuff comes off your skin, and he scratches sooo hard i feel as if he"s trying to peel something off that I just squirm and want to shower!! gaah! eeeeeeeww stop!!!

YOUR FRIENDS ARE WEIRD< I DONT WANT TO HANG OUT WITH THEM ANYMORE. If that makes me a bitch...then so be it.

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