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2013-04-19 16:22:45 (UTC)

4/18/13 Thursday

Woke up mad. He tried to use sex to make it up. We talked through, well, I lectured him. He still want the watch. I got ready, hurried to kerns. The price he gave me is 16750, almost 3000 cheaper than the stonestown jewelry store. Called her again to negotiate price, but she said lowest 19258. He wanted to take a look again so we came to downtown. The watch store was closed. Im having dinner with the customer last night. So came to stonestown to make sure its the same watch. Looked at it again, the gold dial looks the best. Dropped me off at dinner after.

Asked the girl to do my eye makeup, too much for me, I think. Lil fat brought fds to come play. Biz slow, kicked Cookie out of room 11. She been asking who kicked her out, I got mad and started yelling in room.