always wth love

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2013-04-26 19:40:45 (UTC)

it's hidden

it's hidden
something things I say aren't good
but those are my words.
so morning is sweet & sour,
of my doubts and flaws.
I felt so numb even thou
my bday is tomorrow....
my bdays wishes are sweet but they
are gone in secs or mins.
and I saw former friend Linda,
I was jumping updown (in my head)
even thou I was a btich.
we were at lunch when
i saw them "J" & "A"
and also nay nay
together again. my guilt
is eating me alive,
so there's so much I can say.
but I feel lost inside & out
so I'm unperfected.
unlovedable young adult
so let be myself in,
the darkness to help me fade into
the walls.
of unknown places...