The Life of Christine
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2013-04-24 17:37:40 (UTC)


Today, we had the ELA CRCT. It was so easy, it's not funny. Actually, it is kinda. My arm muscles hurt from the middle of the arm to the rest because of so much testing and writing. My thighs even hurt. They even feel achy when I push down of them with my hands. Well, classes are only 30 minutes. I guess they hurt from walking so much. We have to stay in homeroom until the whole school is done with testing. That's like the end of 11:00 AM. It feels like prison. Hannah has a crush on a boy named Zykee. She's been liking him since the Valentine's Day Dance. Me and Hannah walked 4 laps outside in gym talking about Zykee. Hannah thinks Zykee likes her. He's been flirting with her by hitting her and her hitting him back. She even had a dream about Zykee going to her house and kissing her. It's weird. I say stuff like, "Young love," and "There goes Zykee." She said she likes it when I do that. I have to ask Zykee does he like Hannah tomorrow. I have a new phrase: "That must've hurt." I've been saying that a lot lately. Like when my teacher yelled at Gabriel and Hannah yesterday for throwing paper airplanes. I whispered, "That must've hurt," to myself. Everyone heard me. Even the teacher looked at me. But he didn't say anything. Kadaryl said meow in 4th period when the teacher was in the middle of speaking. He stopped and had a "For real?" face, and said, "Seriously?" In 6th period, Kaleb slammed the door in the boy's bathroom, and it scared everyone! I got out of the girl's bathroom and was about to get a sip of water when he did that. I jumped. The teacher went in the boy's bathroom. When I got back in the room, everyone started asking me was it in the boy's bathroom or the girl's bathroom. I said that the teacher went into the boy's bathroom, and that I thought it was the boy's bathroom. They all got scared by the slam. The teacher went back in and said that if she heard anymore slamming from us, we won't be using the restroom much. When she got back out, Kamari got up and turned off the lights. The teacher went back in and got mad. At first, she thought it was Malachi. Then, we told her it was Kamari. She said she was gonna have a parent conference with Kamari's parents. Today was a crazy day.

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