The Life of Christine
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2013-04-23 17:57:40 (UTC)


Today was the first day of CRCT. It's always reading that comes first. It was easy. I was nervous for the CRCT. We had to sign our names on a sheet and the form number we had. I was the first to sign it. I passed it to the girl sitting next to me, Ja'llyn. The teacher said Ja'llyn had to write in cursive. The teacher pointed at me and said, "You too, Christine." I did a tiny laugh without smiling. He told Ja'lynn to erase her name and erase my name because I didn't write cursive. I was like "What?!" So, I wrote my name in cursive. It took two trys, but it was worth it. He said to Gabriel, "Just write your name in cursive. Like Christine did up here," and pointed where my name was. Gabriel said she didn't know how to, but the teacher said it was okay. LOL wow. My teacher yelled at Gabriel and Hannah because they were throwing paper airplanes after the CRCT. I whispered at a medium level, "That must've hurt." My teacher looked at me for a second. Everybody heard me said that. Classes were 30 minutes because of the CRCT. Thank you, CRCT. We stayed in homeroom until 11:56. That's how long the CRCT is. When the bell rang for the afternoon announcements and bus changes in 7th period, (which is right before school ends) I threw my arms in the air and said, "W00t, w00t!" The kids started laughing and some of them said what I did. I was late to go home because there was a fight between Josh and Jasmine on the bus this afternoon. The bus driver stopped when it was almost my stop and called the police. We waited for a few minutes, and the police officer came on the bus and took Josh and Jasmine off the bus and talked with them outside. The bus driver just drove off without them. I came home at 4:25 PM.