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2013-04-23 06:21:14 (UTC)

Sometimes confused

Sometimes I am so confused....I want to fight and show that I don't deserve all these claims by my wife that I owe her money. I want to show (with facts) all what I was paying for throughout our marriage. I want to exonerate myself and prove that I contrary to what she says I don't owe her any money..

I fear the children will be caught up in all this. She will use them as she as started to do. My believe is that she is driven by a force bigger than any common sense reasoning to think about the effect this separation will have on the children. Ultimately she is driven to inflict as much pain as she can on me. I know that. This I believe is the reason behind the sudden quest to leave the house with the children. It will be too much of a change for them so in the mean time I have offered to leave the house after my exams. Unfortunately I will not be able to rent as I can't afford that while paying the mortgage and house bills. So I may just have to look for somewhere to stay temporarily (friends or family - I really hate that). Otherwise I have to continue to stay in the house while I prepare the financial document to show I owe her nothing. On one hand I believe leaving the house will be good in the sense that the disrespect will stop and hopefully she will be begin to see the stupidity in her quest. On the other hand I really don't know how I will do it that is, leave the children and go and live somewhere else. It will break my heart. I still not sure if i can see that through but if it has to be done it will be done.

It is amazing how much I have waned myself off her. This is the woman I loved with every fibre of my body. Although I did her wrong but she is pursuing my degradation and downfall. Ultimately I respect her decision but totally disagree with how she is going about it. I think she is wrong and with time she will regret some of these her knee jerk actions.