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2013-04-23 06:03:24 (UTC)

My Light

My light

You are the reason why I see

Darkness is no longer in my life as you shine on me

Before I was blind but now I see as you beam you rays to show me the way.

The only way….which is you.

I was singing the song today….When things that surround becomes shadows in the light of you….

My light beam on me….make everything else become a shadow as I shine in your holiness.

I look back and through the darkness I see caucuses of defeats, dead dreams, filth, debt, pain, trespasses, weakness…I can smell the stench in the air…very foul…..I wish I could go back to undo, to clean up, to be stronger…..but your light only shines forward you shine you light only forward for me to go…I can just about make out the signs ahead of me....

No Bitterness,“Love”, “Morality”, “Humility”, “Patience”, “Kindness”……

Be exalted…..