The Life of Christine
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2013-04-22 17:11:58 (UTC)


I rode a 70s bus this morning. In 4th period, Baileigh finally came back. She knocked on the door, and I literally screamed her name! Everybody looked at me and some of the kids got scared. Boy, was THAT embarrassing! We were working in partners on a packet at that time. I was working with my best guy friend, Elijah. He heard the desk move and me screaming. He was like, "Chill, Christine!" Then, the teacher wanted to take a picture of the black board to remember what to work on tonight. I made a peace sign with my fingers and smiled and tried to be in the picture. The teacher said, "I noticed your smile, Christine. I tried not to put you in the picture." Some of my friends started laughing. In 6th period, Jacob started making noises right when the teacher was at the door. Although Jacob knew the teacher was at the door, he kept making the noises. I started laughing. The teacher said he was gonna write the longest definition of quiet and respect. Jacob kept saying stupid to the teacher. I kept laughing. I laughed so hard, my right eye felt wet and I had a headache. The headache only lasted for a few minutes. I embarrassed myself once again today. I almost tripped on the bus steps. Luckily, there was only 2 boys on the bus. I don't think they saw me. The bus driver asked was I okay. I hope no one I know saw me.

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