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2013-04-22 02:26:57 (UTC)

a lie speech of high school for graduation

a sound of
a movement
it's something .
I woke up at 2:18 am
so I feel no emotion
but only damn doubt.
in abt 2 hour from now there's going to
be of a stupid high school.
so I wrote a speech of graduation
it tells a big lie!
that you hide it so they don't see you
broken or something?
so I'm up its timeless
to say "I'm fine(:"
with an half smile...
so I wrote a speech, well? lie.
so there only 6 days until I'm
19. I know something is going go wrong
so I tell you now, I'm looking for a relationship
with a girl.
my flaws are going show more if I get
my first kiss.
I been thinking about everyday of this
guilt I've in me.
so better go but I kno
I won't be a good day (sad)
I fuckin feel it
on damn,well?