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2013-04-21 23:38:34 (UTC)

summat aint right

So Boston bombings. We must remember hatred always breeds hatred. The entire coverage of the Boston Marathon tragedy by the Western media has poured more hatred into the minds of people across the globe than information. Instead of only informing the world and then letting the security agencies do their job to find the people responsible for this heinous crime, and allow the courts to follow due process of law, the Western media has held an open trial and declared the verdict on the suspects. The over-analysis it then indulged into for the last few days has created even more hatred and hurt the sensibilities of millions by blatantly pinning the blame on Islam as being the prime source of hatred in the world. The victims of this repulsive tragedy would have preferred that the world learns some lessons and people stop hating each other.
I was watching the coverage on RT—even RT did its best to outshine CNBC, CNN, Fox News, BBC and the rest--while the security agencies were trying to hunt down the perpetrators. The anchor person was interviewing a so-called analyst from Washington. He asked the analyst, ‘’ where do you think all this hatred comes from.’’ The civilised, educated and immensely enlightened analyst wasted no time in answering, ‘’it comes from Mohammad!’’
The media had not only reached the verdict on the suspects already but also quite diligently traced the source of the hatred: the religion of the suspects. Just for a moment, let’s assume Mohammad never came into this world and that the Muslim world didn’t exist. Would that have made this world a hate-free world as the Western media today would like the people to believe? Would that have stopped the heinous massacre of the indigenous peoples in the Americas? Would that have stopped people declaring, ‘’the only good Indian is a dead Indian’’? Would that have prevented the brutal repression in the colonised world and the abominable slave trade? All motivated by apparent greed and hatred.
Let me simplify it even more. Would that have stopped Hitler wanting to obliterate every non-Aryan from the face of this world? Would that have stopped the Catholics in Ireland hating the Protestants and thus eventually causing the division of the island?
The questions are infinite, but the answer is very simple: Abraham or Jacob or Isaac or Moses or Jesus or Mohammad never preached hatred, and that religion has nothing to do with deplorable acts like the Boston Marathon tragedy. The essence of every religion is the creation of a better human being, not a greed and hate-filled animal in the form of man who has existed throughout history and whose hatred has always manifested in many different forms even before the emergence of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
I must stress here that the issues of hatred and terrorism need to be permanently delinked from religion and only looked at from political, social and economic perspective globally. A terrorist has no religion. It’s time the Western media stop preaching hatred and stick to only providing the world with factual information.