always wth love

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2013-04-20 11:32:58 (UTC)

a days decision

dear dairy,
I woke up at 6:46am
something was odd about tht!
but in that iwasnt in a mood of getting into a arugment
either. I didn't really text anyone so far I guess.
today is the weekend & I'm stuck again
without even trying to go...
anywhere because I'm stuck inside my house.
I'm noticing I need to live life like
it's our lasted but how???
some much bullshit
& news in damn society
it's a damn lie!
my music is my life without it I'm nothin'
can't read any books because, I don't see the
point of them if am not happy abt it.
so I luv my btiches!
I'm still depressed & shy