The Life of Christine
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2013-04-19 18:13:56 (UTC)


The bus was late this morning. It came at 8:00 AM at my stop. We had to ride a substitute bus. In 5th period, I made up a new thing called "Smartness Overload". Smartness overload is when you did something so smart, or you feel so smart, you get a headache for a couple of minutes. That's what I felt. I hope smartness overload becomes real, and everyone knows it. I saw the health teacher with a Band-Aid on his nose and he was walking with a cane. He didn't come to class today, though. Because of that, we had to go to the Gymnasium. The girls had to walk 4 laps outside, and the boys get to play football. I walked around talking with my friend, Madison. I even got a sun-tan! Before we had to leave, we sat down and got some water. The bus was a few minutes late this afternoon and we had to ride the same bus we rode this morning. When I got home, my mom told me she had two surprises. The first one was in the refrigator. The second one was my dad bought me a phone. I literally squealed and jumped up and down. This is going to be my first phone. While my dad was doing his job as a truckdriver, he bought an black iPhone 4 through AT&T. It only costs $0.99! It's going to be shipped to where I live. I already know my phone number and when I call someone, it's going to have my first and last name on caller ID. I can't wait! TGIF So glad it's Friday! I watched Shrek Forever After on FX tonight. Well, that's all!

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