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2013-04-19 15:29:28 (UTC)

so much pressure! take me to a doctor, please!

dear everyone,
i woke up at 2:32am
I felt so sick & I had another
nightmare.. it was so
I was hanging with my girl
from church & all sudden see
blood on my arms...
I've say to my ema but, she doesn't see it.
it's like no cares, well? at least there's a
month lefted soo.
so at third period ive didn't any energy in class, I felt like any min
the bell was going to (ring) but it didn't.
later at lunch it was awful cause I was stuffing my face
(school food) I couldn't control it,ugh
my girl Alisha was on the her phone so she didn't see how
sad I got... she finally got off the phone, but it was so
over by than.
so today I felt so dispointment in myself,
so much saddeness in me.
that I'm so a wallflower
&i think I need to persfessional doctor
of my depression & suicidal thoughts

so help me :(