Diary of Naomi
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2013-04-17 22:49:20 (UTC)


Dear diary:
Seems like it's been forever since my last entry..

Well well well..
On Saturday.. I went to a restaurant with some of my friends. The waiter was so cute! He had everything I liked in a guy. He was tall, older than me and long haired.. (which is basically what I like the most on a guy) I tried to talk to him.. You know, I'm not THAT kind of girl.. But I just really really like meeting people, and even more when they're nice looking ;) ) But I just couldn't! I was so shy.. Don't know why. Now I wonder what would've happen If I had talk to him. I guess we'll never know.

What else? Oh.. I met this guy, he's so fine. He's funny and really cute. He's 5 years older than me.. But he's like a little boy.. I guess that's what I liked the most about him. He likes candy, a lot! I used to send him candies with one of my classmates (because he's neighbours with her) On Valentine's day, I sent him such a BIG BIG card, where I sent him my apologies (because we fought because of this girl he liked.. But I really din't) It was full of candies. He loved it. It's not that I like him, because trust me.. I REALLY DON'T. He's not my type.. He doesn't have this long hair a guy needs to have so that I could like him, and he has so many female friend.. And I'm very jealous. But I guess it is because I have had such a friend, who likes the same things I like, who thinks the same thing I think, who does the same things I do. We used to talk a lot... Like a LOT. We used to talk every day, EVERY SINGLE DAY.. (I felt weird when we didn't talk one day, because I was used to it) But I guess we've lost connection.. We talk once a week, once a month... But that's it. No more. And it's pretty much because of me. I mean, I don't really like talking too much to someone because I feel like clingy, attached, like I'm constantly annoying.

Mmm.. What else am I missing to write?... Well, I forgot what I wanted to write, but as soon as I remember. That all for now. Over and out!

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