The Life of Christine
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2013-04-17 15:29:28 (UTC)


We might have assigned seats on the bus from now on. This morning, the bus driver pulled over as we were going into school because some kids on the bus draw on the seats. He even called us kindergartners! Well, I don't draw on bus seats, nor will I EVER! In 4th period, there was a math problem about bowling balls. He was saying if he has 100 balls, what would the weight be. Me and some of the kids started giggling. I know that was immature of me. Then, the teacher was saying he has balls in your face. LOL, I'm giggling as I type this. Me and the kids were still giggling. Then, the teacher got mad and said if you want to laugh, you can laugh in the assistant principal's office. We stopped giggling then. I was still giggling a little bit. I pulled my jacket sleeve and put it over my mouth so the teacher won't see me laugh. My friends looked at me and were trying to stop giggling. I did the same. For the last 10 minutes of 4th period, we could work in groups of 3 or less. My best friend didn't work with me, but with 2 other girls. I said hey to her, and she waved. I felt like I was gonna cry. I just got happy yesterday too. Instead, I worked with my best guy friend, Elijah. He didn't finish this math packet we had to do for homework, so he worked out the answers I had on my packet. I wish Baileigh was at school. She's been so sick, she hasn't been at school for 2 weeks. I heard she was in the nurse today. She was my real best friend. Now, I miss her. She only been at school for 1 day after she came back, now she's not here. The bus was late this afternoon. We had to ride a substitute bus. Good thing it was only a few minutes late. I have to call my friend, Hannah.

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