Nick's Journal
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2013-04-17 03:50:04 (UTC)

My Dog

ehhh fuck it. fuck the whole "day" theme. i'm just gonna write when i feel like it and hopefully it provides at least some reasonable shit.

my dog. well. he is a 102.9 (i know i can't fucking believe it either) lb pit bull/german shepherd/rottweiler/(possible mixture of share-pei & rhodesian ridgeback). so for those of you counting, that is 3 of the top 5 most "dangerous" breeds according to the good ole AKC.

i was on the fence (no pun intended?) about getting a dog when Juli first proffered the proposition. i vehemently argued the "time commitments" and "restraints" on our ability to travel as "free as birds".

of course neither of those premonitions came true and, not only did the new dog not DETRACT from our lives, but he added to them.

and here we are now. we got him in October of 2008 when he was just a bit over 3 months old. he grew from a pudgy, wrinkled mess to what he is now. i read bill simmons a lot and one snippet i took to heart was his assertion that, "you don't really get to know a dog (and conversely he doesn't get to know you) until you've been together for 4 years." i know it sounds corny but i feel like roquefort and i fell into a "routine" over the past 4 (and a half!) years.

he knew when i would leave and he got to be cool with it. he would always get up out of his bed when i either (a) got out of my bed in the morning or (b) came home from work (oh and by the way, BOTH are a mad sign of respect cos when was the last time your spouse ever GOT OUT OF HIS/HER BED to say "wassssup?!" in the morning or when you came home from work? yeah. never. i sure as shit never have.

but beyond that i feel like, up until we have kids, he is the best gift i could have possibly have given her. you see; he will dumb out when someone isn't "actin wright" around her; and you'd best believe he's keepin' an eye out for anybody shady. short and sweet, roquefort doesn't lose his temper until its TIME to lose his temper.

and that makes him a beast.

so i implore you Roquefort, JD, Esq. (the) 3rd; please, keep on keepin' on as you do. and simply put, there is no one else i would rather have by my side as i trek through a forest, field, plain or plateau.