The Life of Christine
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2013-04-16 19:36:37 (UTC)


Someone farted on the bus this morning, and made the whole bus stink. EVERYBODY smelled it! All I know it was someone in the back. I apologized to my best friend. Turns out she wasn't mad at me. I don't know, though. She hasn't been talking to me. She did say hi to me at lunch on last Monday as I was sitting down, but I thought it was a joke, so I didn't say anything back. I just wanted this to be over, I was sick of being mad at each other. Our classes were shorter today-- 50 minutes instead of 71. Because we had our progress reports and a bomb threat drill. We talk with our homeroom teachers about our report cards. On mines, I made 2 As, 3 Bs, and 1 C. I was one of the last ones because the teacher decided to go backwards. We go as last names. He said that my progress report card was probably the best one he seen. I always make good grades. Everybody in my class is failing the science class. That's the class I made a C in. They're saying the science teacher is doing it on purpose. We had a bomb threat drill today because we had an actual bomb threat back in February. I heard it was a old woman and there was bad words. Really? The bomb threat was 20 minutes before school ended. We couldn't take our stuff with us, so it was left at school. Firetrucks and the police came. I even saw smoke on the windows. We had to go back to school the next day. It was even on the radio, news, and a news website. We had to walk all the way to the school's soccer field. The grades were separated. During the drill, Paul, Gabriel, Ana, Mikayla, and me were saying jokes about Gabriel, yo mama jokes, and watching. They were funny and didn't make any sense. Paul was saying jokes about Gabriel. Gabriel said mean things and ignored him. Ana only said one yo mama joke and watched. I didn't tell any jokes, I just watched. A boy named Manual (called Manny) whispered a mean thing about Gabriel to Paul and Matthew. Paul whispered what Manny said to me. It was dumb. The drill was over in a few minutes after what Paul said about Gabriel. The bus riders went on the bus and the car riders had to go back to school to be picked up. On my bus, there's a A.C. It felt good, especially since it was hot outside, and I had my jacket on. I took my jacket off the bus. It was a crazy day at school.

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