The Life of Christine
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2013-04-15 16:38:50 (UTC)


On the bus this morning, a boy named Marquese was doing nasty things. He always does that. He touched my chin and I jumped back because I was surprised. Marquese was at my school last year in the 5th grade. He was in my homeroom. He's very short. He's so short, a third grader was a little taller than him. He often gets picked on, but he doesn't care. He's in middle school with me, and he's still the same size-- short. My best friend still didn't reply to my email and she's still not talking to me. At lunch in 5th period, I didn't talk that much and I wanted to cry, and I was also mad. I also checked out Dork Diaries #3 at the library today. I gave my gifts I bought for one of my friend's birthday to her today in 6th period. Her name is Ariyana. I don't know how to spell her name, but it's pronounced like Arianna. She said I spelt it wrong on the bag I gave her. I spelt it like Ariyana. She was very excited about the gifts. She pulled out the gifts and she really liked them. She kept saying thank you to me. On the bus this afternoon, my BFF Nyree, told a girl named Mikayla to ask me about the situation with my best friend. I didn't want to talk about it, and I wanted to cry. The girl sitting next to me named Madison, could tell I was about to cry. A girl named Logan behind me and Madison (also Madison's best friend, asked me who did what. I finally said it, and I sounded like I was mad and about to cry (from my point of view). Then there came drama between Nyree and Mikayla about Mikayla saying Nyree was bullying her even though she really wasn't. Nyree kept telling me to sit in the back with her, and Mikayla kept telling me to sit where I was, in the front. Logan took my bookbag and told me to sit with her. She also said it was my decision where to sit. Madison asked me was I gonna let them boss me. I didn't know where to sit. All of these girls telling me where to sit. It was also loud in the front and the back. Logan had to get off (she's the first one to get off sometimes), so I sat on the other side across the same seat. After Madison got off, (sometimes she's the first one and gets off after Logan) I went to sit with Nyree. Nyree asked me what did Mikayla say about her. Nyree started crying and was mad because her birthday is next week, and she's celebrating her birthday this and next weekend. She said that Mikayla's ruining her birthday and that was Nyree's worst day ever. About my best friend situation, she said to ignore her and wait until she apologizes first. So, that's what happened at school. Mondays are always crazy. :P