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2013-04-14 19:58:52 (UTC)

Is anybody out there?

Eighth grade is a bitch. The food sucks, and people think I am a vegetarian while I really do like meat! I know what you are probably thinking about me....who is this girl? Well let me tell ya....they call me snaggle tooth. But that's just because I really need braces, which I will be getting soon...I hope. I'm about 4"9 and weigh about 75 pounds. I know I know, I'm a little butterball. But! I do cheer, and I am the main flyer, and still not very popular. The only time I even remotely feel popular is when I try and force my way into the little circle groups the popular kids talk in at lunch or in the halls. Or when this kid who we shall call "he who shall not be named" started dating me, but after a while of that, we broke up, and he had the nerve to tell his friends that I was a stalker and would not leave him alone. So what I occasionally followed him to class! But they were right next to each other..sort of. I've also been struggling with my grades just a tidbit. If I don't have all b's and a's then let me clue ya in on something. Ass....not too far from papa's foot. I'm just really excited for summer!! Boo ya. Oh and let me tell ya what I really hate....when my 'rent's try to make me do work! It just boils my Bunyan! So the other day...when I was walking, ya know...my but was sashaying side to side. Which brings me back to my question. Is anybody out there? Does anybody care? Sometimes I feel as if I'm just a wallflower. Okay to look at, but nobody wants to talk..for fear that I might try to snag them and stick their faces under my armpit. BTW...I don't wear deodorant. Bad for the environment and shit. Peace Bitches! J Dawg out!

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