Experienced Life
2013-04-14 00:57:37 (UTC)

I almost forgot

I was pretty stressed out about all the shit happening lately that I forgot what I did to mentally survive the crap my ex did to me. I joined the gym and ran the stress out. I don't know how the hell I forgot about that.

So today, I plugged in the treadmill. I aimed for 2 miles and made it to 2.25 miles. I know this isn't much but it is to me. It took the stress, anguish, pain and any other stress related feelings right out of me. So tonight, I'm surprisingly much better emotionally. I know I'm way better than last night. Been awhile since I cried. Yup.... I'm a man and strong as I am mentally, I did cry. Maybe I'm turning gay.

I think I mentioned I rsvp'd no to a couple events Lisa is going to. Of course, my wing-woman friend texted me an hr or two ago asking me why the hell I did that. Didn't reply but I just need my space. We all probably just need some space from time-to-time.

So tonight, my heart is as good as it can be considering the situation. I'll be able to sleep and I won't cry like a baby this time.

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