The Life of Christine
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2013-04-12 16:51:05 (UTC)


Wow, the week has gone by fast! A boy named Xavier said random things in 4th period. He always does that. He said "Scooby snacks," when the class got quiet. Some kids said, "Shh!" I think one kid laughed. I laughed so hard. I even kept thinking about it, and I still laughed. Before Xavier said "Scooby snacks," he said "Scooby Scooby Doo, where are you." I think I laughed at that too. He and some boys do a chicken noise. I love it when they do that. In 5th period, I looked at Xavier, and he did the chicken noise in a weird way. I started laughing. No, I don't have a crush on him or anything like that. I just think he's funny. I told my best friend to check her mom's email. If she's still mad at me, I'm going to tell her how I feel. Stuff like this has happened twice between us two. It has to stop. I am sick of it. In 7th period, it was so loud, I got annoyed, and I said "I hate this class!" The teacher said, "What did you say?" I got scared and paused for a second. I then said, "I don't like this class." The teacher said, "Neither do I. There are too many behavioral problems." Then I said, "Actually, I said, 'I hate this class.' You know, because of the behavior." The teacher paused for a second and said, "Yeah." She said something, I think about behavior, but I forgot. She was so mad, she said shut up to one of my friends. I pointed at her, and I said, "Did you just say-?" The teacher said, "Yeah, I said it!" I was so surprised. Then I said to the class, "The teacher said shut up!" And in 4th period, the teacher wanted everybody quiet. One boy said, "Y'all hush!" Most of the class got quiet. I said "Y'all shut up!" Then, the whole class got quiet. One of my friends even looked at me. I'm really nice, and I only get mean when I'm mad. One time, I made the class in 7th period quiet. I really don't want to explain it right now. I have to call one of my friends, Hannah. I keep forgetting. I'll call her now.

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