deanne and Connor

our dialog
2013-04-11 22:13:50 (UTC)

From the Lone Star state.....

Was hoping to visit tonight but i am guessing the hour time difference is not in our favor. After the conference tonight we went on a riverboat cruise then strolled the riverwalk and had a few drinks and dinner and i am back at the hotel winding down.

First part of my task was completed today.....the "s" word etched above my patch in tiny letters and i admit to chickening out on writing the "w" word between my breasts but i did write it on a tiny piece of paper and tucked it in my bra all day. i hope this is satisfactory.

Its really kinda nice here. Weather was gorgeous today.....around 70 and dry and the evening was perfect.

Except that You weren't online, that is!

i hope You are well and i will try again tomorrow night.




I was NOT happy that I missed you twice, although Friday I was out and about and wouldnt have been able to do much but throw you against a wall and do a quick and dirty FUCK via messenger......(which does have a nice kink appeal to it....smiles)

Very happy to see the assignments were taken seriously and done (almost) to perfection. W/we will work on those chickening out issues SOON. I can't wait to see you tomorrow and I look forward to FUCKING you a variety of ways to welcome you "home".

- Master